Saturday, February 15, 2003

Ok, so there is a Zionist conspiracy, but check their facts, please email errors to me. A hint, they are historically correct.

For Godsakes do not mention CNN as a source of erros or I will use your ass as a counter-source.
I am not always in agreement with USS Clueless, but they make some damn good points.
Anti-War = Anti-Semite, not always, but there are cases.... Not isolated but cases, but this is a big case, huge.

Thank you LGF.
Not well written but this is what I wrote to a friend today:

I think there is a very subtle type of rascism occuring. Not the kind of rascism that you would think, the White Man's Burden turned upside down.

A quote, "New caught sullen people, half wild, half child". He was describing colonized people, being sarcastic I think. Half wild because they will tear each other apart, half child because they are stupid and do not know better.

So when someone says that Iraq will be a mess because they cannot be democratic, the "half wild, half child" comes to mind true. Meaning they are too dumn to want a democratic government. How often I hear that Iraq is not ready for democracy and that they need Saddam to keep them stable. How incredibly insulting this must be to an Iraqi. Not sure what is more insulting, that they cannot handle freedom or that the best and what they deserve is someone like Saddam. That has gotta suck.

When some Nigerians freak out over a beauty pageant, they blame the pageant not the people. As if they were wild animals who did not know better. Meaning they are not held to the same standards as for instance Italian crowds would be. Pure rascism masked as tolerance for other cultures. If your culture allows for killing innocents or subjugating half your population, (women), then your culture sucks ass and you need to change.

At first this cartoon shocked me, then I looked at a newspaper and looked at the protester's signs.

More here.
To the LOML, I love you more than anything on earth.
Have I said how much I enjoy Andrew Sullivan?

Check him out, you go Andrew!!!
Corey has brought some much needed outside energy to this blog.

You may have read this artilce already, a commentary by Salmon Rusdie. It was printed just after the Miss World fiasco in Nigeria. There is one section I liked in particular:
Where, after all, is the Muslim outrage at these events? As their ancient, deeply civilized culture of love, art and philosophical reflection is hijacked by paranoiacs, racists, liars, male supremacists, tyrants, fanatics and violence junkies, why are they not screaming?
At least in Iran the students are demonstrating. But where else in the Muslim world can one hear the voices of the fair-minded, tolerant Muslim majority deploring what Nigerian, Egyptian, Arab and Dutch Muslims are doing? Muslims in the West, too, seem unnaturally silent on these topics. If you're yelling, we can't hear you.

The full article is at http://www.nytimes.com/2002/11/27/opinion/27RUSH.html

Friday, February 14, 2003

I dedicate my blogging today to Corey K., good friend with wonderfull taste in shoes.
Via InstaPundit we have a link to a testament by an Iraqi calling for action. His writing damns the Anti-War movement. He does raise an interesting point, why is it that you do not find Iraqi ex-pats at these Anti-War rallies. The only time an Iraqi seems to be against action is when he is under Saddam’s regime.

He writes the following:

I could argue one by one against your reasons for opposing this war. But just ask yourselves why, out of about 500,000 Iraqis in Britain, you will not find even 1,000 of them participating tomorrow? Your anti-war campaign has become mass hysteria and you are no longer able to see things properly.

Too bad you cannot put that text on a sign at a protest.

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