Friday, March 07, 2003

Alex pegame un chivo.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Why they hate us.

We are supposed to ask this question. What it comes down to is that the U.S. is evil and has done wrong to the world and paid with 9/11. They say at this point we should do some deep thinking as to why someone would want to hate us. This follows the logic that a rape victim should not wear short skirts.

Den Beste has written one of his best essays on this. Here is a tidbit.

For me as an American, the danger we face is Arab failure. The Arabs as a cultural group, and the Arab nations collectively, produce little, create less, and are not respected either by themselves or by anyone else. Their culture is strongly based on pride and shame, and their shame at their failure has boiled over into violence. For a number of reasons, much of that violence is now aimed at the US, and thus it has become a danger to my nation, and that means we can no longer tolerate it.
What they want and do not have is accomplishment. Poverty isn't the problem, and giving them charity will only exacerbate their shame and their anger. What they want is pride and respect, and to feel as if the respect has been earned.
But their failure is due to the fact that their culture itself is deeply diseased and predisposes them to act in ways which perpetuate their failure. The only way they can become successes is for their culture to change, and it has now become necessary for us to promote that change. The essential first step in doing so is the conquest of Iraq.

Play it again.

Being a Palestinian is not pleasant, being a Gay Palestinian means to expect to live persecuted all of your life, persecuted by the PLO.

Here is a tidbit:

A spokesman from the Israeli Society for the Protection of Personal Rights (SPPR) said that until recently Israeli authorities had turned a blind eye to Palestinian homosexuals who had fled to Israel in fear of their lives.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

This person masterminds 9/11, kills thousands and is called a hero. When will certain leaders understand that terrorism is a show of the rot in their societies, clear evidence of the failure their civilization has reached.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Likes the UN will vote on a new resolution to authorize war. Not sure what good it would do because I doubt the UN will allow military intervention unless Saddam walks into the UN with a glass of anthrax and a suit case nuke. No other evidence need apply.

Well if the UN decides not to authorize force, 250,000 troops will head to the USA, NOT.

Looks like China is going to the moon, well one of their inventions, no people need apply.

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