Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I wonder what kind of story it would be in the U.S. if we extradited Iranian diplomats for a terrorist act? Somehow the fact that that this is what Argentina is doing in regards to a terrorist attack in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 people is not making a big splash on the media here. If you are under the impression that Iran does not fund terrorism you are very mistaken, this is just a crumb of the cake. I hate to use the “Axis of Evil” mantra, but if a country sponsors terrorism and you do not call them evil you should at the very least call them motherfuckers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Once again Hitchens manages not to disappoint. Taking on Christian religious leaders who are against the war.

One wonders what it would take for the Vatican to condemn Saddam's regime. Baathism consecrates an entire country to the worship of a single human being. Its dictator has mosques named after himself. I'm not the expert on piety, but isn't there something blasphemous about this from an Islamic as well as a Christian viewpoint? I suppose if Saddam came out for partial-birth abortions or the ordination of women or the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle he might be hit with a condemnation of some sort. (Until recently, one might have argued that his abuse of children would get him in hot water with the Vatican, too. But even that expectation now seems vain.)

Awesome, just Awesome.

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.

As I have written before Libya sits on the Human Rights Commission for the U.N. What is still surprising is that the U.N. still has a resolution against Libya in order to close the Pan Am 103 terrorism case. How the hell is this possible within the same organization?
While our government mentions duct tape to prevent a chemical/biological attack, someone else says you can get rid of Anthrax, or similar, with soap and water. Duct tape remains useful in too many ways to mention here.

A new study found that an old-fashioned hand washing was as good as cleaning with a chlorine-based antiseptic in eliminating bacteria spores similar to anthrax.

Simple soap and water rarely hurts.

In a world full of irony the UN warns of “Dirty Bomb” risk. These are the people that are spectacularly inept at disarming Saddam, for the last twelve years mind you. Other than a warning, they have no plan in really stopping one being built. Useless.
US News and World Report provides a rare, clear vision of peace in the Middle East and what the world is doing about it.

Thugocracy. The president recognized that Palestinian suffering and violence are not the product of Israeli "occupation" but the result of an occupation by a thugocracy of Palestinian leaders who came from Tunisia to Gaza and the West Bank a decade ago. The burden of resolution of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians must be on the Palestinians. They must change not only their leadership but their policies, their institutions, and their behavior. Their focus must be not on destruction of the Jewish state but on construction of a Palestinian state. These were the conditions established before there could be any resolution with Israel, but they have not been met.

Too true, the Palestinian plight is the responsibility of the Palestinian themselves. They exit responsibility of their actions through the song of victimhood. It is doubtful that clumsy Israeli forces would set foot in the “occupied” territories if they stopped their cowardly homicide attacks.

At the very least, recently they attacked a tank and soldiers in the last few weeks, but again returned to murdering children and their parents with homicide bombings. The fact that Israeli forces do not carpet bomb areas, but instead send in soldiers house to house is evidence that they are avoiding civilian casualties. Like any formal military force, they can be clumsy, but no one can deny that they are in fact avoiding civilian casualties. To think different is to ignore the fact that Israel has the power to wipe out the Palestinian population. This is very different than the Palestinian terrorist whose main aim it is to inflict civilian casualties.

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