Thursday, March 27, 2003

The more I watch the war coverage on T.V. the more I realize not much real information is getting out. Meaning we do not know the real progress, where they are at, etc…etc…

The media is highly controlled in regards to this war, they have embedded reporters hanging out with units, you see little and have even a smaller idea of how the strategy is actually playing out. The real reason you do not know how the strategy is playing out is because we have never been told the battle plan, which is a good thing. Revealing a battle plan to the public is not something you do if you want to win.

What they do tell us is goals, why they are doing it. Those are a little vague but I will reserve judgment until I see them not live up to what they have told us.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Andrew Sullivan is on a roll today, more about BBC, via his site look at what the headlines are in the UK, thanks DaghtatorBlog,

I am beginning to suspect that BBC stands for Baghdad Broadcasting Company.

If the Coalition forces are within 50 miles of Baghdad could the war really be going that bad? Of course we all knew this is where it would get interesting to say the least.

This story paints a different picture then your average reporting:

For their part, the U.S. troops were amazed at the Iraqi soldiers' behaviour.

"Canteens, grenades, abandoned positions -- they even left the Iraqi flag in place before they retreated," said 1st Sergeant Miguel Pares, a New Yorker from Spanish Harlem and the top enlisted man in Bravo company, 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division.

"I wanted that flag so bad but we had to continue moving along.

"All the peasants were cheering us, even the soldiers. They gave us the thumbs-up, they blew us kisses. I couldn't believe all the boots that were lying on the road. The soldiers just left them there.

"Man, this is an army in full retreat."

War is tough to say the least, and you are going to have your good days and your bad days. The good guys are going to win and things are on target, they will be challenged, they will adapt, and then they will win. BBC is focusing on the gloom right now, they are usually pretty biased in their anti-americanism, nothing new. If you listen to their reporting it sounds like Coalition forces are in full retreat. Andrew Sullivan has plenty to say about this and it is definitely worth checking out.

Support for Bush and what he is doing remains very strong.

You would not know this by all the hoopla about anti-war protestors. Sad to say all that protesting has not had an effect on overall public opinion, which is what protests are supposed to do; express dissent and influence others to take note and hopefully agree. This is not happening. I have the feeling that protest organizers know this. After all the record marches and to not make a difference, not even in public opinion, to blast Lilith fair music, make signs, clog the streets, and...... nothing.

Here is a choice tidbit:

Seven in 10 said the anti-war rallies have not changed their opinion on the conflict. One in five-20 percent-said the protests have made them more likely to back the war, while 7 percent said it has increased their opposition to the conflict.

Six in 10 agreed that the demonstrations were a sign of a healthy democracy, while fewer than four in 10 said opponents should not demonstrate against the war because it was better for the country to appear united. Only one in six said such protests should not be permitted.

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