Friday, May 09, 2003

It is important to gauge the difference between a crowd chanting "Get out of Iraq" and someone putting something on paper, and rationalizing. Crowds are not a good measure of public opinion. Thousands of Anti-War protestors took to the streets in the last couple of months, while polls showed the majority favored war. But I am getting of the topic. I like editorials, someone takes the time to say something, even if it is not pleasant. It is someone’s, lets assume, rational opinion.

This editorial is worth noting:

Thank You
An Iraqi poet celebrates the dictator's fall.

Here are some tidbits:

Those who died to liberate our country are heroes in their own lands. For us they will be martyrs and heroes. They have gained an eternal place in our hearts, one that is forever reserved for those who gave their lives in more than three decades of struggle against the Baathist regime.
It is not only the people of Iraq who are grateful for the end of a nightmare. A majority of Arabs and Muslims are also grateful.

The chorus of lamentation for Saddam consists of a few isolated figures espousing the bankrupt ideologies of pan-Arabism and Islamism. A Moroccan Islamist tells us that the American presence in Iraq is "a punishment from Allah" for Muslims because of their "weakening faith." But if the toppling of a tyrant is punishment, then I pray that Allah will bring similar punishments on other Arab nations that endure despotic rule.

The U.S. and its allies should not listen to those who wished to maintain Saddam in power and who, now that he's gone, are trying to find a clone to put on a throne in Baghdad. Those who are urging the coalition to leave Iraq as soon as possible wish none of us any good. A precipitate departure could trigger intervention by Iraq's predatory neighbors and foment civil war.

Monday, May 05, 2003

ISM Rachel Corrie Suicide Bombers

Well this ties together nicely. Two suicide bombers had tea at the ISM office before getting to work. Nice of them to visit friends before going to murder innocent people. The International Solidarity Movement, (ISM) is a group that wants peace for Palestinians, a peacefull movement that does not mind housing terrorists, makign sure their safe houses are, well, safe, supports suicide bombing, and now, has tea with the same. Rachel Corrie belonged to ISM. She had a weblog, which was taken down, where she liked to express how brave suicide bombers were.

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