Wednesday, May 14, 2003

And more than 25 years later the UN begins to reach justice in Cambodia. Sadly enough they had no role in stopping the death of over 1 million people in Cambodia, another brutal regime allowed to do as it pleases.

France wants to send troops to Africa to stop a war. Sadly enough they are not wanted by those involved, because the French- well perhaps it is best to quote the article:

But a Hema militia that says it is in control of Bunia expressed opposition to the idea of French intervention.
"I am not happy about them (French) coming in. We know their intentions. Where were they when people were being killed?'' said Thomas Lubanga, leader of the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC).
His comments echoed Rwanda's view of any French peace role.
"It is important for the U.N. to intervene directly and not mandate the French. They have been known for hidden agendas,'' Rwandan security official Emmanuel Ndahiro told Reuters.

Sounds very familiar. They are actually fighting to be relevant.

Charity in acton in Iraq Who exactly is it that the NGOs help anyway?
Looks like more bodies found in Iraq, you can thank Uncle Saddam. Washington Post has the same story but with less bodies; 2,200. That 2,200 is less, BTW than what Saddam's government said had died from US attacks.

How racist do you have to be to think that Iraqis liked having someone that does this in charge?

I wonder if people are still wondering if the US should have gone into Iraq. Did the UN have a plan to investigate why thousands of corpses are in a hole?

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