Tuesday, July 08, 2003

The Atlantic has a great story on how suicide bombimg works, the logic and all.
How the UN is making life better for the Cambodians........

Cambodians deserve better than the killing fields of tobacco
By Mark Steyn
(Filed: 05/07/2003)

At times like these, with the chancelleries of Europe immersed in footling distractions about who sexed up whose report and who called whom a Nazi, one turns naturally to the United Nations.

While Britain and the EU can afford to fritter their days away in trivia, the UN bears the great weight of the world on its broad shoulders. This week, it decided to get tough with Cambodian strongman Hun Sen. Not because he scuppered the UN's plans for Khmer Rouge genocide trials, or because he deposed his co-prime minister, Prince Ranariddh, and tore up the UN-backed political settlement in Phnom Penh. No, as AFP reported, Hun Sen was "told by the United Nations he was the biggest smoker among world leaders".

The puffing authoritarian himself revealed in a national broadcast that "the UN also urged him to quit. 'Hun Sen is the biggest smoker among the leaders of the world,' he said, quoting the UN letter. 'The UN has asked the prime minister to stop smoking. I am checking to see whether I can do that or not.'

Kofi's enforcers are trying to strongarm Hun into signing the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control, the Kyoto treaty of the anti-smoking crowd. Cambodia has a very high smoking rate. Only the other day, a bunch of elderly Khmer Rouge big shots were seen openly standing around smoking Pot. Well, to be more precise it was Mrs Pot who was smoking. Khieu Ponnary, Pol's late wife and Sister Number One of the revolutionary movement, was publicly cremated last week, but it's a safe bet her old comrades enjoyed a cigarette during the show. Had the UN held firm on its genocide trials, those chain smokers would now be behind bars in the Hague. Had the UN not allowed Hun Sen to topple Prince Ranariddh, Cambodia might now have a non-smoking prime minister. There'd be no smoke without that firing.

More on Liberians asking for US intervention......

Waving hankies and American flags, refugees swarmed the U.S. team's convoy as it visited some of the camps housing tens of thousands of people displaced by the fighting.

At a high school where 18,000 people live, crowds thronged the delegation, clambering over vehicles and chanting, "No more war, we want rest!"

Thousands more danced, sang hymns and chanted, "USA, USA," at Monrovia's (search)athletics stadium, where families left destitute by war are sleeping beneath the bleachers.

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